Primitivo Masseria

Grape:Primitivo 100%.


Alcohol Percent:12%.

Aging:large oak casks.

Production:20,000 bottles.

This winery produces wine only from small hand crafted vineyards owned by 4 young up and coming wine makers in Apulia. The total production of the property is less than 6,000 cases; therefore great attention is given to each wine.
Sensory analysis: Red with purplish reflections tending to orange with aging; pleasant, full and balanced flavor that tends to become velvety with aging. It has a very fruity, raspberry-like aroma and flavor and a "jammy" quality.

I tasted this Primitivo from Puglia and was truly shocked I haven't tasted a wine with this much pepper, spice, complex fruit, and body at the price in some time.

Recent research in Croatia and at theUniversity of California at Davis using DNA profiling, has proved Zinfandel is a clone of the Croatian variety Crljenak.

While it had been theorized that Zinfandel's genetic twin, the Italian Primitivo, was the source, this grape also originally mutated from Crljenak.
Further research may indicate the very first plantings migrated from Albania or Greece.

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