Records show that wine making has been going on in this region since the 13th century B.C.
Information on the Wines

Falanghina: At its finest here, giving whites of subtle, heady fragrance and firm body.

Biancolella:Almost exclusive to Ischia these days, its gives gentle aromatic whites.

Piedirosso:Light and juicy red vine, that gives wines with a gamey overtones.

Fiano: An ancient vine of great historical import. Soft dry white from near Taurasi.

Aglianico:The famous grape of Basilcata is here too.

Greco: Capable of some of the best Italian sweet wine, with its fine body and aromatics. Classic dry white from inland Campania.

Taurasi: Southern Italys first DOCG is inland from Naples. Wines are from Aglianico. The best are big and powerful and have been compared to Barolo.

Ischia: It would be easy on this island to make a jug wine for tourists, that the producers are serious, is to their credit. This wine from local varieties used to stand as one of the very top in the region, others have come up, but it is still good.