Rome's region is intrinsically lined to white wine - to Frascati and Marino and the other golden-hued "bianchi" of the Castelli Romani and to the fabled Est!Est!!Est!!! from the northern Latium town of Montefiascone.
These wines, which are based almost exclusive on various types of Malvasia and Trebbiano, were traditionally "abboccato".

The DOC reds vary in composition. The reds of Cerveteri, Cori and Velletri are based on MontepulcianoandSangiovese. The native Cesanese makes richly flavoured dry and sweet wines in the three DOC zones of the Prenestina and Ciociaria hills southeast of Rome.

Cabernet and Merlot are the stars in three highly praised modern "vini da tavola" of Latium. Latium's modern Falernum is based on Aglianico and Caecubum, now called Cecubo.
These reds, and others, prove that the fortunes of premium wine production in Latium are not entirely white.