Giacche' Rosso

Production area: Cerveteri (Rome), Lazio

Grapes: Giacche', Ciambrusca

Soil type: Clayey,solid and of vulcanic origin.

Age of plants: 25 years.

Ageing: Malolactic fermentation carried out in big wooden casks for 7-10 days. 6 months barrique ageing.

Tasting Notes: Obtained from ciambrusca and giacchè plants to you to frank foot, from the impenetrable color and the precise scents of mora and forest.

In a mouth we find much fruit, mentolate notes, carob bean, dark berry, good acidity and a lot, much juice concentration.

Wine of the Etruschi.
Recovered a Latium native other vitigno. Locally known with the name of Giacchè, or also Ciambrusca is a vitigno that anciently it grew in spontaneous way in the Mediterranean spot.

Already known and appreciated from the Etruschi, then sung from Virgilio in the Eneide.

When it fell a drop of Giacchè on the table cloth - Fiorenzo Collacciani tells, holder of the company - was not more possible to eliminate of the spot, a lot concentrated was its color?. The Giacchè in fact, in its small acini on cluster spargolo, at least double has a polifenolico content regarding the others vitigni, and the wine that is obtained has a deep, dark and concentrated violaceo color, with scents most particular of underbrush and fruits to dark berry in particular which visciola and plum.