Bressan Schioppettino

Ribolla nera, known as Schioppettino in the municipality of Prepotto and the surrounding areas, is certainly an indigenous Friulian vine originating, with every probability from the Friulian area between Prepotto and an area bordering with neighboring Slovenia.

The origins of the name, which has replaced that of Ribolla nera, are unknown. With all probabilities, the wine, which has a limited degree of alcohol, but a high fixed acidity, is bottled when young to complete its malolactic fermentation.

It therefore became slightly sparkling, giving the impression to the ear and on the palate that the carbon dioxide crackled, freeing itself quickly in the small bubbles.

This is where the onomatopoeic sound “Schioppettino” came about.

Color:bright red with a hint of violet towards the edge.

Nose:perfume that is reminiscent of the wild blackberry, raspberry, and bilberry.

Taste: good body, with high alcohol content, high fixed acidity, fresh and zesty.

Gastronomic combinations: it is a wine that goes with Friulian country cuisine. Recommended with pappardelle pasta with hare, boar and deer sauces. Best served at 16-18 degrees.