Fiano D'Avellino

Region : Campania

100% Fiano

12% Vol.

After a select picking, the grapes undergo soft-pressing and cold maceration. Fermentation takes place for about 15 days. The wine is bottled young and aged for 4 months.

Tasting Notes:
Light, straw-yellow color with appealing aromas and flavors of ripe pears, mineral and spice, toasted hazelnuts, apples and given added complexity with grace notes of honey and beeswax that become more evident as the wine warms in the glass.
Full and rich on the palate, lemony citric fruit is carried on a good body with fresh-fruit acidity that becomes almost sharp in the long finish. Full and complex, it shows best when cool, not cold - take it out of the fridge or ice bucket a half-hour or more before serving.

A grape of ancient heritage, Fiano traces its roots to the ancient Romans, who allegedly called the variety "apiano" because its luscious ripe fruit attracted bees ("apis" in Latin). The town of Avellino is the traditional center of the Fiano-growing district.