Lacryma Christi

Region: Vesuvio (Campania)

Coda di Volpe, also called Caprettone.


This wine shows a brilliant greenish yellow color .
The nose reveals intense, clean and pleasing aromas which start with hints of pear and apple followed by aromas of pineapple, hawthorn, broom and peach.

This well-balanced, nicely-structured white wine shows fine fruit flavors accompanied by a light mineral taste on the palate.

The finish is persistent with flavors of pear and apple. This wine ages in steel tanks.

Food match:
Vegetables and crustaceans appetizers, Dairy products, Pasta and risotto with vegetables.

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio is one of the oldest wines hailing from Italy's Campania region. According to popular legend, Lacryma Christi's name, which translates to "tears of Christ ", alludes to Lucifer's fall from heaven. As he was cast out, Lucifer took with him a piece of heaven, which he let drop into the Gulf of Naples. Noticing the loss, Christ wept, and where each of his tears landed, the first vines on earth grew.