Ischia Rosso "Scheria"

Grapes: Aglianico 40% Syrah 30% Guarnaccia 15% Piedirosso 15%.

Alcohol content:13,5°

The grapes belong to the varieties Piedirosso and Guarnaccia coming from the first production of the Pietratorcia vineyards.

The wine making is very careful and respectful of the tannic characteristics of the varieties: skin maceration for at least one week with continuos pressing, controlled temperature, drawing olf and fermentation.

The vineyard lies just fifty meters from the azure waters of the Mediterranean, providing a unique micro-climate that is both temperate and windy, an optimal combination that ensures the production of robust aromatic grapes.

The product obtained is intensely ruby colored, vinous, spiced and soft on the palate, with good alcohol content and body.

We suggest serving it with risotto as well as with both red and white meat dishes.

History: Greek immigrants first settled the tiny island of Ischia, located just off the coast of Naples, in 700 BC.

These pilgrims carried with them the highly evolved culture and customs of the Hellenic civilization, including the prestigious art of vine cultivation.

Through the centuries Ischian natives have used large, heavy stones of green rock called PIETRATORCIA as tools to help them in the crushing of the grapes.