Ischia Bianco "Vigne del Cuotto"

Grapes: Biancolella 45%, Forastera 45%, Uva Rilla 5%, San Leonardo 5%

Alcohol content:12,5°.

The grapes come from a viticulture area wich is mainly exposed to North-West.

The grape ripening progresses slowly, showing a pale yellow color up to the harvesting.

Tasting Notes: The nose reveals intense, clean and pleasing aromas which start with hints of toasted wood and plum followed by aromas of apple, pear, hawthorn, banana and hints of coffee.

We suggest pairing it with boiled fish and shellfish based dishes.

Temperature of service: 8 to 10 degrees C.

History: Greek immigrants first settled the tiny island of Ischia, located just off the coast of Naples, in 700 BC.

These pilgrims carried with them the highly evolved culture and customs of the Hellenic civilization, including the prestigious art of vine cultivation.

Through the centuries Ischian natives have used large, heavy stones of green rock called PIETRATORCIA as tools to help them in the crushing of the grapes.